New Beginnings Wellness Center

Solid foundation through diversity and family


NBWC is proud to announce they have been awarded

Best of Worcester 2018 Behavioral Health Clinic 

Circle of life and the circular nature of our lives in constant rebuilding

New Beginnings Wellness Center     1280 Main Street     Worcester, MA 01603     (508) 754-1141    

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To provide quality behavioral health services through multiple treatment approaches and multi-modal clinical interventions to promote emotional healing and wellness in children, adolescents, couples and families residing in Central Massachusetts.

​Our competitive edge is being open-minded to the needs of the community. Our clinical team brings a plethora of experience, education and diversity to New Beginnings. This combination allows for a holistic approach, such as Integrated Psychotherapy, Evidenced Based Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Trauma Focused Therapy, Domestic Violence Groups, Play, Art, Music and Movement Therapy, Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Family and Group Therapy, and Psychoeducation.

Hope that new things come from the completion of prior things